Events & Group Reservations

So cool you're thinking of organising your event or group dinner in one of our restaurants!

Let's go straight to the point! Email us at to make your dream dinner come true ✨

From a birthday dinner, to graduation, anniversary or a business arrangement, we always like to find an excuse to celebrate. And what's better than a shared Italian-styled meal with YOUR people? We offer a shared dining experience inviting people to come together on big long tables filled with Italian delicacies and good wines - just like in the Italian tradition.

We offer different courses based on your preferences and, as wine lovers, we also offer pairings to our best wines. Besides, don't think twice: Vegan, vegetarian or gluten free options are always available.

But bando alle ciance (that is, no more chatting), email us & let's plan your group dinner together!

The only thing we like better than making good food, is eating good food

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