Free healthy meals and mental coaching for healthcare workers

We are all facing a tough time and the only way out is to stand together

Together with Fanbased, in March 2020, Renato's has launched #FitteStrijders - an initiative focusing on the well-being of the heroes in the healthcare industry.

In 4 weeks, over 1300 free meals were delivered. Top athletes provided mental coaching, recording inspiring talks to restore the emotional, physical and mental energies.

For us at Renato's, #FitteStrijders has been a truly enriching experience. It has been our way to genuinely thank healthcare workers - the true heroes out there during this enormously difficult time. In our little, we worked to contribute to a smile, a warm meal and a energy-recharge.

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart. Every health-worker, every person behind #FitteStrijders, every donator & everyone who spread the word. 

A day with #FitteStrijders

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