With its first opening in November 2013, Renato's has grown to a chain of 6 Italian restaurants in Amsterdam, The Hague & Nijmegen. Founded by Italy-lovers Kim and Freek, Renato's has opened arms and hearts to expand to over 70 employees - the Famiglia.​ A story that started from a true passion for Italian culture. A story that continues to be written every day. A story that has encountered some rough paths, but overcame them. A story of smiles and successes. A story that has still lots to tell. 

Renato's strives to bring the most authentic Italian culture and cuisine to The Netherlands. From the most delicious cheeses of Lazio, to the most authentic meats from Lombardia and Toscana, to the true Taggiasche Olives from Liguria and the wines of Piemonte, Renato's brings Italy to The Netherlands. And this is not all. With chef's & pizzaioli from all around Italy, Renato's brings the Italians to The Netherlands, too.

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