Ciao, how can we help you?

Do you take reservations?

Yes! We take reservations for all locations, except for Foodhallen Amsterdam. Find more information on each restaurant page.

What are the restaurants' opening hours?

Opening hours are available on each restaurant page. You only have to choose at which restaurant you want to visit us!

Do you do take-away?

How could we not! All our locations are available for take-away. Do you want to avoid waiting? Give us a call and make your order in advance. We will tell you what time you can come pick it up!

Do you do deliveries?

Yes! We partner exclusively with UberEats. You can look for more detailed information on each restaurant page.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are always extremely welcome at our locations. Please make sure they are leashed.

I received my order via UberEats but it's damaged, what should I do?

Oh man! We are very sorry to hear that this happened to you! As our delivery partner, UberEats is responsible for the delivery itself, hence also for the possible damages. We highly suggest you to take a photo of the food you have received. You can upload this photo and ask for a reimbursement directly on the website of UberEats. You can find more information here.

Get in touch directly with us: You can also reach us directly via email and we will redirect you further. For any urgent issue you are obviously very welcome to contact us directly via phone number.

We hope this is the first and last time this happens to you!


Did not find the answer to your question?

Kindly visit the page of the restaurant you'd like to visit, there you will find the specific contact information. We'll be happy to help!


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