Find us only on UberEats as Renato's Pizzeria - Houthavens!

In the Houthavens district in Amsterdam West, at Renato's production kitchen - il Laboratorio -, the real magic happens. Everyday, Laboratorio is the place where the pizza dough is carefully made, the homemade pasta is shaped, and the gelato is produced. Laboratorio is where Renato's creativity unleashes and new recipes are created. Also, Laboratorio functions as a redistribution center for all Renato's locations.

This is the place where all primary ingredients and shipped to and preparations are made. From here, all products are delivered to each Renato's restaurant in The Netherlands. And this is only the daylight version of Laboratorio: From 17:30, Laboratorio opens its doors for delivery on UberEats. Over the day, we make pizza; over night, we deliver it to your doorstep.

The only thing we like better than making good food, is eating good food

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